Fri. Apr 26th, 2019
Vibrating Toy

Flight Delayed Due to a Vibrating Toy Inside the Passengers Baggage

We all want to be on time at every appointment we have. For instance, just like in a wedding we’ve been invited to witness we are expected to be there ahead of time considering the traffic and all other factors that can possibly prevent us to arrive just in time. And some of our travel may include boarding a plane that will bring us quicker to a place we are scheduled to go.

Yet, before we set our mind on our destination, we must make sure we don’t take for granted the policies and procedures while we are at the airport. Well, that’s important, too. And therefore we have to be aware of it and educate ourselves so we won’t miss a single provision found in its rules.

Vibrating Toy

About two years ago, there was a case wherein a Thai Flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok was delayed just because the inspectors had detected a vibrating device inside the passenger’s bag. As protocol, a plane could not take off unless everything is secured in line with its preventive measures since the welfare of all passengers is the airport’s utmost priority. And because of this, experts on this kind of situation had to be summoned to do the inspection. Explosive Ordinance Disposal team came in the area to investigate the circumstance. After a thorough inspection, they found nothing explosive. Instead, what they discovered was something that had been vibrating – and it was an ad#lt vibrating toy that was left unchecked. Its owner could have just turned it off before arriving at the airport. But, sadly, it was forgotten. Things like this could have been avoided if we just check carefully every stuff we bring to make sure we comply with the airport rules.

Batteries Allowed in Checked Luggage

Except for spare (uninstalled) lithium batteries, and spillable wet cell batteries (the kind used in cars and motorcycles), all the batteries types allowed in carry-on baggage are also allowed in checked baggage. The batteries must be properly packed to prevent damage and short-circuiting (terminals are prevented from touching metal). IF IT IS INSTALLED IN A DEVICE, THE DEVICE SHOULD BE TURNED OFF.

Stuff you Must NOT Bring at the Airport

Here are some of the items that are not allowed to be carried, and therefore passengers should be aware of these things in order to avoid delay in flights.

  • Lighters, matches, flammable items – Anything flammable could trigger an explosion at any given time.
  • Sharp Objects – Self-explanatory one. This could be used as a weapon.
  • Guns – This is obviously a weapon, so you really do not need to bring.
  • Sporting equipment – Such as baseball bats, ski poles etc. If playing sports will be part of your travels, consider renting equipment at your destination.

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