Thu. Oct 18th, 2018

Five Filipina Married Chinese Men For Valid Residency And A Job, Realized It’s A Scam

Working overseas isn’t an easy process. One might say that it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, which is really hard. Because of this, some people make different choices to at least save them time and effort in going abroad.

Easy Way Out

One of the convenient tickets to settle abroad is that some marry a national of the country they will be going. By doing so they get privileges that an ordinary overseas worker can’t have.

“Marriage For Job” Scam

According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency, there are 5 (five) Filipinas seeking help from the agency as they were victims of “marriage for job” scam. This scams initially identified as doings by Chinese individuals. Today, there are a total of 23 cases filed in POEA. The agency warns for future aspiring workers who plans the same.

Photo Credit: Kicker Daily News

People Behind

The Chinese individuals who recruited the five Filipino nationals identified as Li Chunrong who is also known as Steven Lee, and Song Gang. Moreover, news reports say that Chunrong is a husband of a Filipina, Violeta Aquino from Urbiztondo, Pangasinan.

Photo Credit: Kicker Daily News

How The Scam Works

According to the victims, they are legally married to the Chinese men, and they are carrying valid residential permits in China. However, their husbands do not allow them to find work in the country. They have given a promise that the Chinese men will help them financially and their families in the Philippines as well but discovered everything as lies.

Taking a step to work abroad requires a leap of faith. However, it shall go hand in hand with a strong will to make everything happen. Marrying someone you barely know for the sake of getting a valid residential permit and an easy ticket to settle and find work abroad is not recommended and does not work every time. Best, try to do things right as it is peaceful to know that it will not get you a headache in the future.

Source: Kicker Daily News

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