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Filipino Worker lost hundreds of thousands to a Stranger She Meet at the Airport

A newly-arrived OFW from Hongkong was victimized by a charlatan and lost PHP270,000 and $10,000 HK Dollar.

Police report

According to the police report, the suspect approached and befriended the victim while waiting for her connecting flight. It was said that the suspect had told the victim that she was also a newly-arrived OFW from Singapore

Furthermore, the suspect had convinced the victim to withdraw cash from an ATM by fooling her that there’ll be no bank transactions the next day because of a holiday.

The victim withdrew PHP 270,000 from her bank account. and the two then had snacks inside the airport. Later on, the two went inside the ladies room where the victim handed her bag to the suspect while she went to do her business inside the cubicle.

When the victim got out from the ladies’ room, the victim was no longer there along with her bag which contains four mobile phones, jewelry, passport, and other important documents.

Police successfully nabbed the victim.

The OFW victim was identified as Gemalie Martin. The whole swindling incident happened inside the NAIA Terminal 3.

When Martin reported the incident, the police showed her bunch of pictures to identify the suspect. However, Martin mistakenly identified the wrong suspect.

To make sure that they got the real suspect, the police officers reviewed the CCTV footage from the restaurant and discover that the suspect was someone else.

By further investigation, members of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Police Intelligence and Investigation Division (PIID) were able to identify, locate and successfully nabbed the real suspect Juvy Zamora, a resident of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

Not all were recovered

The operatives were able to recover Martin’s important documents among other things but failed to recover all of the money.

“However, we were only able to recover PHP65,000 cash,” said Romeo Labrador, Airport Police Department (APD) chief.

Charges of theft and resisting arrest were filed against Zamora at the Pasay City Prosecutor’s office.

OFW Gemelie Martin lost P 270,000 pesos & $10,000 HK Dollars to Notorious swindler Juvy Macalalad Zamora of san jose…

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