Wed. Sep 18th, 2019
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Filipino Traveler Proudly Shares His Travel Destinations With His Nanay

A Filipino traveler proudly shares his travel destinations with his Nanay despite other traveler shaming him.

There are so much more to Filipino culture and tradition. Their respect and love towards their family, especially to their parents is much different than the other nationalities. In fact, most Filipino’s dreams and goals in life are being inspired by their family or parents. And like any other Filipinos, this traveler was inspired by her mother.

On a viral post of The Poor Traveler Facebook page, a Filipino proudly shares his travel destinations with his nanay. For most people, it is a very kind act to travel with parents. However, as humbling as it is, not all people agreed to this one. In fact, one traveler bashes this Filipino traveler for traveling with his mom even when he’s already a grown-ass man.

“I received a message from another traveler shaming me for being a “grown-ass man traveling with mom.”

Despite this, he was not deterred to achieve his #travelgoals with his mom. He then recalls how his mom cried during their first trip to Hong Kong together. The reason was his mom could not believe that she would be able to travel overseas. Added that his mom grew up in a dirt poor family and only finished Grade 6. Added that his mom always wanted to go to school, but there was nothing she could do. her parents could not send all of them to high school. And also, someone needs to stay at home to help her parents with work and it was her.

Because of this, his mom promised to herself that she would do everything to make sure all of her children get a college degree. And true to her promise, she worked hard to achieve this dream. Her lack of education and being poor had not stopped her to send all of her children to college and earn a degree. Having witnessed his mom’s hard work, he promised that when he started earning well, he would travel with her EVERY YEAR.

Since then, they had been to Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Boracay, and Australia!

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