Tue. Jul 14th, 2020
Filipino most racist according to survey?

Racism Among Filipinos: Is it Existing?

Most Filipinos generally react negatively when a joke or a negative statement is made about Pinoys. There have been numerous times when Filipinos have retaliated against the offending foreigner who dared to ridicule Filipino by calling him or her a racist. But what is ironic is the fact that Pinoys themselves can also be considered as racists although they may not be aware of it.

One classic example of a foreigner who received a collective disapproval among Pinoys is Prasertsi Kosin. He is a Thai national who is known as Koko Narak and called Filipinos as “pignoys”, low-class slum slaves, and even useless race in this world. These are demeaning words and Pinoys took offense.

Another example is the defeat of Gilas against Iran. Gilas was the Philippine national basketball team in the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship. Filipinos were quick to post racial insults online to the Iranian team after the loss.

Filipino most racist according to survey?

Man in the Mirror

Man in the Mirror may be a popular song of Michael Jackson which talks about changing for the better, but in this case, it is a call for Pinoys to look closely at themselves and see if they are not guilty of casting slurs about other nationalities.

According to Xiao Chua, a historian who teaches at De La Salle University said that this could be because of Filipinos tendency to look down upon themselves. He further added that knowing the history of his or her country can contribute as to why people seem to be tolerant or not of other nations. In the case of Thailand, the country was never conquered by any nation, thus, they have a strong identity of who they are as compared to the Philippines which was colonized several times by other countries.

Melting Pot

What makes this Pinoy racist attitude ironic is the fact that the Philippines is a melting pot of different ethnicities as shown in our history. This would make one expect that Pinoys are tolerant of foreigners but in a study done by Swedish economists in 2013 about how racism is affected by economic freedom, the results reveal that the Philippines are not as tolerant of foreigners as compared to other countries.

The data presented may not be the absolute and most definitive measure of racial intolerance but it does reflect some degree the tendency of other nations to be intolerant of other races.

Racism is a problem whenever different people reside in one common area. The differences in how groups think and act can be the cause of misunderstandings that at times lead to violent confrontations.

Racism is an enduring problem that can be difficult to overcome. But if the intent of acceptance is sincere, it can be achieved.

In 2014, Philippines Named as One of the Most Racist Countries in the World according to World Value Survey. So, are we, the Filipino racists?

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