Tue. May 21st, 2019
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Filipino Ingenuity: Lego Open MRI

When doctors need to figure out illnesses in full details, they use scanning machines called magnetic resonance imaging or MRI. MRIs are complex imaging systems used to examine internal body organs so doctors can provide an accurate diagnostic over a patient’s health condition.

But Senior MRI Radiographer Apollo Exconde, a Filipino working in Britain, came up with a brilliant idea to make an MRI process less frightening for first-timers, anxious and overweight patients, called Lego Open MRI.

Apollo Exconde lego MRI

What MRI does?

Built with a computer system, an MRI combines magnetic fields and radio wave to create detailed images of different body organs. This machine can diagnose a broad range of health disorders including but not limited to visual problems, ear infections, spinal injuries, tumors, strokes, and aneurysms among others. The application of MRI is often suggested if doctors want to come up with better findings aside from initial tests like ultrasound and X-ray.

lego MRI

MRIs are also beneficial to help doctors visualize different functional activities in your bloodstream and brain. Doctors can observe any changes in organ structures, they would know which parts of the body are in critical condition. The entire process is painless since patients will feel nothing during the exam. However, patients will hear loud noises during the scanning process, which may frighten them, they are provided with earplugs to block those disturbing sounds.

Why are people afraid of MRI?

Claustrophobia, the fear of enclosed spaces, causes anxiety to patients, which makes them avoid having an MRI session. The main drawback of many close-type MRIs today is the extreme discomfort the patients feel while inside the capsule, they are often “encapsulated.” The MRI increases the risk of claustrophobia since patients will need several minutes to complete a full scan.

Benefits of Lego Open MRI

The Lego Open MRI is a creation of Apollo Exconde, designed as an instructional tool to educate patients how an open MRI scanner works. This MRI replica will be used as a viewing model for plus-size and claustrophobic patients to help them overcome fear and inhibition when undergoing MRI. A Lego figure will be situated with a clear view, so the patient can perceive what it’ll look like when they are being examined.

The Lego Open MRI will also help patients visualize the entire open MRI process one stage at a time while answering all the questions that come to their mind. Exconde hopes his latest innovation would encourage those with anxiety and panic attack to undertake their MRI.

Apollo Exconde needs 1,000 support votes to make the design a reality. This is Filipino ingenuity at its best let us support our fellow by registering and casting a vote at the Lego website.

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