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Filipino Hailed Hero

Filipino Hailed Hero in Macau

Filipino hailed hero by the locals in Macau after a video has emerged and went viral on social media where he saved 3 peoples life.

August 23, 2017, Typhoon Hato lashes Macua causing havoc to the whole city. The strongest typhoon that hits Macau in more than 5 decades which leaves 15 people dead and hundreds injured.

As Macau recovers from the typhoon Hato countless stories have emerged, one of which is a Filipino rescuing 3 people during the typhoon.

Typhoon Hato flooded the streets of Macau

Loreto Mijares, an OFW working as a hotel employee and is living in Macau for a year with his wife saves the life of 2 elderly couple after they saw them while taking a video from their window.

Loreto’sfear of drowning didn’t stop him from helping the couple, risking his own life.

A real story of the Philippines modern day hero, a selfless OFW willing to risk his life for others, no color, no race can stop anyone from helping others. A story of courage.

At the heels of our celebrations of the National Heroes Day yesterday, August 28, 2017, it is with great pride and honor to report that our Kababayan OFW (overseas Filipino worker) is being hailed a hero after a video footage surfaced online, courageously saving three people during the typhoon in Macau this past week.

typhoon hato flooded cars

Loreto Mijares and the three people he rescued reunited and recounted their story of survival.


typhoon hato

Source:TDM Canal Macau



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