Mon. Mar 8th, 2021
Biggest Lotto Jackpot

Filipino-Canadian Wins $60-M Manitoba’s Biggest Lotto Jackpot

A Filipino family has just won Manitoba’s largest lotto jackpot in Canada’s history.

The single ticket sold in Canada has just made a Winnipeg family $60 million richer to match the winning numbers for the Jan. 22 Lotto Max draw.

John Chua, his wife, Jhoana, his mother, Angie Chua, and his uncle, Ben Lagman, claimed $60 million in prizes on Tuesday, according to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

“I thought it might be something of a free play,” said John Chua, as the Western Canada Lottery Corporation presented him and his family to the media (WCLC).

“But it said $60 million, I was confused so I checked on the website when I got home.”

Chua did not realize he had won the largest jackpot in the state’s history, according to the WCLC. The lottery tickets were purchased online by Chua.

11, 21, 23, 25, 41, and 43 were the lucky numbers Chua picked.

Photo Credit: Pinoy Canada

Upon realizing that he won the lottery, John said his mind “went blank”.

“I think my mind just went blank. I couldn’t think of anything. ‘Is this real?’ That’s all I could think of,” John said.

“I told my mom, maybe this won’t be real until we actually contact them and get the check and whatever,” he added.

“He always plays jokes – he’s a joker, so I didn’t believe it,” Angie said. “I believe now that it’s real.”

When John was asked, he said they will be getting a new home and he’ll likely keep playing the lottery.

“There’s a lot of things that come to mind but I’m going to take my time. I want to be wise. We’ve got kids and need to think for our future,”  John stated. “I just want to take the time and do the smart thing.”


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