Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Filipina Duped By Her Agency Jumps Off the building to Escape

A Pinay OFW was promised a job in Dubai by her agency, then held her captive for a week locked inside their Dubai office, without feeding her. In a desperate move to escape, the poor Pinay jumped off the 3rd floor of the building where she was held captive. She suffered injuries but lived to tell the atrocities done by her cruel agency.

A Better Life

The Pinay went to Dubai last December in the hope of giving her family a better life, as what many Filipinos hope for whenever they risk their life by working abroad. Little did she know that the agency she trusted to give her a job, was not accredited by the POEA, and is considered as a “fly by night” agency

When she arrived at the airport in Dubai, someone from the agency fetched her and brought her to the office, telling her that her employer will come and fetch her from the office. However, one week have passed and she, together with the other Pinays, are still locked inside the agency’s office.

Inhumane Treatment

They are barely given food to eat inside their agency’s office and are often forced to stay in a locked room. Their cellphones were also taken so that they could not contact anyone. Even their passports were taken from them.

In an act of desperation, the Pinay OFW decided to jump off the third-floor building of the agency office. She said she doesn’t care whether she would survive the fall, but fortunately, she did. Although she suffered some injuries from the fall, she lived to tell the atrocities done by the agency to her and her fellow Pinays.

She Wants To Go Home

A good Samaritan found her after her jump and brought her to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office o POLO. As of the moment, they are still investigating on the matter and is ready to file the necessary charges against the agency if found to be violating the Domestic Helper Law in Dubai.

As much as she wants to just go home and forget about her traumatic ordeal in Dubai, the Pinay couldn’t return home because her passport is in the hands of her agency. She is currently requesting the agency to at least give her passport so she can come back home and be with her family, whom she misses so much.

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