Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Family Of An OFW Who Allegedly Killed Fellow Filipino In Saudi Requires Financial Assistance

Recently, we wrote about a child, Niña Sanchez, who went viral on Facebook for asking help to locate her missing Overseas Filipino worker father, Ruben Sanchez, in Saudi Arabia.

It was also found out that her father did not go missing but actually sent to prison in Saudi because of an alleged murder case.

In another post, a netizen posted about what happened to Ruben Sanchez. It was said that Ruben was imprisoned and did not go missing on November 5, 2019, at 1 pm, the day that Niña said they last communicated with her father.

It was said that Ruben stabbed fellow Filipino to death. The one who posted about what happened to Ruben was the one who saw him in prison. He said that he tried to ask Ruben the details of what happened, but Ruben did not answer him. Added that the one Ruben stabbed also works as a driver in Saudi Arabia. Whatever is the reason or the motive behind Ruben’s action is still unknown.

Also, the body of the victim is still in Saudi and has not repatriated to the Philippines yet.

Now, Ruben’s family requires financial help to go to Manila to ask help and find answers as well to what really happened to him from the Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs OUMWA and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration OWWA.

Distress OFW advocate, Ka Bong said that the family needs sponsor ticket back and forth from Cebu to Manila, Manila to Cebu. Ka Bong added that he will be the one to shoulder the food and space expenses for the family while they stay in Manila.

It is not mentioned in the comments if someone had already shouldered the tickets, but you can contact Ka Bong on his Facebook page if you wanted to help.

Ruben’s wife’s name is Ethel A. Sanchez and their daughter is Niña Mae A. Sanchez.

Source: Facebook/kaagapaybong

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