Tue. May 21st, 2019
Fake News Victim

Fake News Victim: OFW Rumored Dead But Still Alive

Nowadays, people become more and more dependent on the advancement of technologies. We all are living in a time where social media has become the ‘public diary’ of almost everyone. Where shared information can’t be trusted anymore. Where someone can easily ruin others’ lives in just one post. The same as what happened to this OFW.

Social media

Because of the easy access, social media gives to people. The freedom it offers where everyone can post whatever they like be it true or not. Social media has become very toxic to everyone.

Fake news

Fake news has become a part of social media. In fact, it already becomes a big issue in the Philippines where big names/companies are colliding, filing cases against one another because of this. You would think that the rich are the only victim of fake news but you’re wrong, recently, an OFW becomes a victim of it.


Rumored dead

Princess Camidon, an OFW in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia was rumored to be dead.

OFW GO home project

The post where Camidon is supposedly dead has become viral that many Facebook users even pages shared it. According to the post, Camidon suffered high blood and went into a comatose reason for her death.

jenny pagadatan

Camidon is shocked upon knowing the fake news as she’s still very alive and healthy. The post did not only caused disturbance to her family but to her employer and agency as well. In Camidon’s post, it pains her to go personally to her agency in Saudi to clarify the issue. Her employer is also affected as the agency keeps on calling him/her asking about the supposed dead body of Camidon.


Whoever posted this fake news clearly has no good intention for the victim. We hope that the poser will be reprimanded immediately before he/she can victimized someone else.

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