Fri. Apr 26th, 2019
Expats Trashed Kuwait Seaside

Expats Trashed Kuwait Seaside Area Celebrating Christmas

Kuwaiti Nationals Not Happy With The Tons Of Garbage Left By Overseas Workers After Partying

Being away from home, working abroad is not easy. There’s a lot of things overseas workers need to endure and one of them is homesickness. So it is not new for them to get together every special occasion to ease their loneliness away.

And because its Christmas season and Christmas is best celebrated with loved ones or friends, these overseas workers decided to get together.

Many overseas workers in different nations celebrated Christmas at the seaside in Kuwait. One of the videos shows how happy and enjoy these overseas workers are, being able to celebrate Christmas merrily even they’re away from home.

They clearly had a great time and is clear that they’re going home with a smile on their faces.

However, they forgot to bring their garbage home

Kuwaiti national uploaded a video of the seasides situation after the party of these overseas workers. It can be seen that there are tons of garbage left in the area.

Garbage left by workers

The one’s clean area is now full of garbage

Three videos were uploaded by different Kuwaiti nationals showing the tons of garbage scattered in the seaside. They are both saying something and seems like they’re not happy with what the overseas workers did to the area.

Garbages are everywhere that it can’t be cleaned by just one person

Expats Trashed Kuwait

These videos drew lots of unhappy Facebook netizens too. Said that the celebrators should’ve at least throw their garbage properly. And not just left it scattered in the area.

A reminder to everyone

Whatever our nationality is and wherever we are, we should be responsible for our action. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating a special occasion like Christmas with friends in a public place. Just don’t forget to respect the place and be responsible. Always bear in mind to throw your garbage in the proper place.

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