Sat. May 30th, 2020

Expat Arrested For Spreading Fake News About COVID19 In UAE

Dubai police arrested an expat for reportedly spreading fake news online.

According to the police report, the expat posted a video promoting fakes news which had caused fear and panic in his community. Authorities warned the public against spreading fake news. They also encouraged the public to report malicious reports and activities on the Dubai Police app.

Long before the arrest, UAE government had already warned the public about spreading fake news after CID agents detected a misleading and false video and an audio clip that is circulating on social media. The said clip is about the level of the contagion in the Gulf state as well as actions taken by authorities to curb the spread of coronavirus disease COVID-19.

UAE Attorney- General Al Shamsi stated that the video contains baseless allegations about measures to force curfew and asked the public to remain calm and avoid sharing the rumors.

Al Shamsi emphasized that this false information threatens the security and stability of society, causing fear and panic to the residents and citizens.

He also stated in a press briefing that UAE security authorities will take strict measures concerning the violation of the law.

“UAE security authorities will take strict measures and harsh penalties ranging from one year to several years prison term will be handed down to rumormongers proportionally to the panic caused by the rumors,” he said in press briefing.

Meanwhile, Al Shamsi called on the public to only follow official sources of information such as organization assigned by the UAE government to handle the crisis and reports of ministries and concerned agencies regarding news about coronavirus disease COVID-19.

Lastly, he restated that the UAE is doing its best and is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of its residents and citizens.

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