Fri. Jan 24th, 2020
Jom Tasani

Ex-Boyfriend Expresses His Thought About His OFW Girlfriend Who Got Pregnant While Working Abroad

Three years versus three months, that’s how an ex-boyfriend describes his thoughts about his OFW ex-girlfriend who cheated on him.

Jom Tasani expresses his thought about his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him while working in Hong Kong through his social media account. According to Tasani, he decided to speak up in regards to the issue because of his ex-girlfriend, who is telling everyone that it was he who did something wrong in their relationship.


Wala akong ginawang masama

In his post, Tasani recalls that in December 2018, he accompanied his ex-girlfriend together with her family in Macau to have a vacation. Added that it also became an opportunity for her ex-girlfriend to find a job there, thanks to her aunt and uncle who are in Macau. And being the good boyfriend that he is, he encouraged her girlfriend at that time to grab the opportunity and went home alone, happy for his girlfriend and at the same time sad because they’ll be away from each other.

Long-distance relationship

A long-distance relationship requires more effort and understanding on both sides and that’s what Tasani gave to his girlfriend back then. Despite being busy with his career and business, he still finds time to spend with her. It was okay at first, however, their relationship or the girl to be precise get colder as time passes by.

Despite this, Tasani did everything to understand his girlfriend, even if he too is starting to be confused about the sudden change of his girlfriend’s attitude towards him.

Already pregnant

However, Tasani is not prepared when he learned that his girlfriend is already pregnant, two months before they broke-up. And what’s worst is she’s already getting married. Already married at this time.

In the end, despite being devastated, Tasani wishes good-will to his ex-girlfriend along with her husband and baby to be. Also hoping for his ex-girlfriend to learn to accept her mistakes, not act like a victim, and learns from it.

Viral video

If you didn’t know yet, Tasani is the guy in the viral video of a Rude Gyal Swing dance cover! Isn’t he a catch? Clearly, you’re lining up to replace his ex and might as well heal his wounded heart. LOL

Watch the video here:

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