Tue. Jul 7th, 2020
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Energy Efficient Home Design for a Modern Day Bahay Kubo

Modern, convenient and practical. These are the traits of a decent family home the OFWs want in order to maximize their hard-earned money from working overseas. Nowadays, beautiful homes can be built without the need of spending too much or depreciate the quality in order to save.

Before deciding to build a new house or renovate an existing one, consider the great benefits of using an energy-efficient house design. In this concept, OFWs are able to save because energy consumption is smaller or the atmosphere is relaxing just like having farmhouse plans or beachfront setup. The energy-efficient design principle is a practical solution to maximize the available spaces of a simple house design. It would be better to know what energy renewal system is appropriate at the existing location, site condition and behavioral aspects of the users.

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However, the concept of energy-efficiency already existed many years ago and still being applied to various models of modern house design up to now. Noticeable features found on its house blueprints include the application of tall windows, multiple door access from one space to another and skylights on top of porches and receiving areas. There is also a strong emphasis on the use of energy-saving appliances, water heaters and air conditioning applicable to the structure. Thus, living spaces are carefully planned according to available size, standard furniture dimensions and adequate traffic movements.

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In order to reduce indoor heat, materials for roofing and walls should have excellent reflective properties against sun heat and moisture level. Wide window openings and insulated ceiling seem helpful to minimize heat, especially during summer season. Reduction of division walls, articulated steps and building posts are good suggestions to enhance the living spaces and interior design as a whole. However, it is important to take note of the existing laws found in the National Building Code of the Philippines to make the home design fully compliant.


Renewable solar systems such as solar electricity and heating are now being integrated into Modern bahay kubo of Filipinos today. Unfortunately, they seem not attractive to the local market due to the price differential between the materials used and prevailing household electrical consumption. There are energy-efficient landscaping strategies which are applicable and do not affect the overall budget that much. Among these is the application of wind direction as part of preliminary design and utilization of plants and shrubs for climate heat control.

Having an energy-efficient house brings the occupants closer to nature. Regardless of the available sizes of living spaces, the unique concept of what is called passive heating and cooling is truly suitable for house designs particularly from tropical countries like the Philippines.

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