Thu. Sep 24th, 2020
Elaine Rotarla Bediones

Employer Makes Life Of Pinay DH More Difficult After She Told Her Of Going Home And Not Going Back

A Pinay domestic worker asks help through her Facebook account after the female employer makes her life more difficult after she informed her that they need to find a replacement for her as she will not be going back to work for them anymore.

Accused of many things

According to the domestic worker, Elaine Rotarla Bediones, after she informed her employer of not working back for her anymore, she changed and started accusing her of things that she didn’t do. The female employer does this intending to make her husband angry towards Bediones.

There were instances that her female employer accused her of stealing her make-up, which she strongly denied. Bediones admitted that she went up to the third floor where her room and employer’s room is located, but she only went to get her jacket inside her room and have not gone to her employer’s room. However, the employer won’t believe her and insists that she stole her make-up. To prove that she’s telling the truth, Bediones challenged her employer to view their CCTV, which the employer refused.

Elaine Rotarla Bediones

Not done making her life difficult

After the incident, Bediones was called by her male employer for another issue again. The male employer informs her that his wife had told him that she allegedly admitted to using the WIFI twenty-four hours, which Bediones strongly denied again. Other than that, her female employer also asked her about waxing her vagina.

Afraid for her life

Bediones said that she already informed her male employer of hi wife’s ill-treatment towards her. However, the male employer will only advise her to not listen to his wife because he’s the one paying her and not his wife. What scared Bediones is, the female employer might do something unimaginable to her, especially now that her husband had scolded her of mistreating her help.

Source: Facebook

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