Fri. Jan 24th, 2020
Sahida Hassim Alamada

Employer Left Bruises and Wounds To Pinay Worker’s Body After Learning That She Reported Her To The Agency

A Pinay worker was beaten by the employer after knowing that she reported her to the agency.

A concerned family member, Sahida Hassim Alamada, asks help for her relative who works as a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia. According to Alamada, the OFW was beaten by the employer after being caught reporting them to her recruiter agency.

Salary not paid

It is said that the OFW reported her employer when she had not received her salary equivalent for four months which causes the employer to get angry when she learned about it. The employer beats the OFW and even confiscated her mobile phone. Other than that, the employer also threatens her to be raped and be beaten more. The OFW has not been online since then.

The OFW has been working with her employer for thirteen (13) months, only the last four-month salary was not given.

Sahida Hassim Alamada


A concerned citizen has reported the OFWs situation to the advocates she knows. She said that the OFWs situation has already been forwarded to the Philippine Overseas Labor and Office POLO in Riyadh.
However, POLO instructed them that they need to talk with the OFW herself.


Good thing, Alamada was able to contact her OFW relative again. For now, the OFW is using her fellow worker’s mobile phone. She was also already informed that she needs to talk with POLO Riyadh herself and tell them details about her current work situation.

The name of the OFW was not mentioned. Her employer’s name is Fahad Aldawsary, a residence of Alkharj Alsalam, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

We hope that the OFW be rescued immediately, it is not mentioned but we have a suspicion that the OFW is a minor.

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