Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

Employer Claims That The Domestic Worker Died Due To Heart Attack But The Autopsy Result Says Otherwise

The bereaved family asks justice for their OFW family member, who died in the hands of her employer in Jeddah.

Sarah Jane Ruiz Wasawas shares her grief about her aunt’s death on her Facebook account. According to Sarah Jane, her aunt SERILA VIAJEDOR RUIZ worked as a domestic worker in Jeddah, who unfortunately died in the hands of her employer.

Sarah Jane recalls that it was June 9, 2019, at exactly 12:53 am when the employer of her aunt calls and informed her about her aunt’s critical condition. She was told by the employer that they rushed her aunt to the hospital because it suddenly cries hard and immediately confined to ICU when they arrived at the hospital and was declared comatose. Later afternoon that the same day, the employer calls Sarah Jane again, informing her that her aunt is already dead.

Employer asks financial assistance from the bereaved family

You would not believe it, but instead of helping the bereaved family, the employer asks financial assistance from them, convincing them that it is best if her aunt will be buried in Jeddah. Either way, the employer still asks financial from the bereaved family whether Serila be repatriated or not. What confuses Sarah Jane is the employer seems like in a hurry to bury her aunt, saying that they only have four days to claim her aunt’s body from the morgue.

The bereaved family did not listen to the employer’s plea, for her aunt to be buried immediately in Jeddah, and did everything for their OFW family member to be repatriated.

Autopsy result is different from the employer’s claim

When the remains of Serila arrived in the Philippines, the bereaved family immediately organized for an autopsy. It was then that they found out that Serila did not die due to heart attack, but due to strangulation using a cloth. Her body is also full of bruises. Moreover, the office of the OWWA in the Philippines is not informed about her aunt. Saying that the DFA in Jeddah had not communicated to them.

Clearly, the employer is responsible for Serila’s death, especially that they did not coordinate with the DFA in Jeddah and repatriated Serila’s remains using fake documents. We hope that the bereaved family can get the justice immediately.

Read the full post here: Facebook/sarajane.ruwa

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