Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

Employee Surprises Pinay Worker with a Lifetime Savings Of Cash

As we all know, a lot of Filipinos choose to leave home and work abroad to support their family financially. These Filipinos are willing to sacrifice and be away from their family for many years. Some even got to be with their family when they already retired. All of these are done with the hope of supporting their family and give them a better future. And Avelina is one of these many Filipinos. 

Avelina is an overseas Filipino worker mom, who works with Supercar Blondie, a known YouTube channel for automotive videos. The owner of the said channel, Alex Hirschi, appreciates Avelina so much that she decided to surprise her with a lifetime savings of cash. 

According to Alex, Avelina has been working with her for two and a half year, doing almost everything, admin tasks, cleaning the office, prepare foods for her and the other employees, and even takes care of the dog when they’re not around. 

“I wouldn’t be here where I am now if not without her help,” said Alexis on her video. 

Moreso, Alexis said that Avelina chose to move and live with them in Dubai to save money for her children’s’ studies. Avelina has two sons- one is twenty-nine, the other fifteen. Other than that, Avelina also wanted to build an apartment which she can rent out to other students and be the source of their income as well. 

Knowing all of these, Alexis decided to surprise Avelina as her way of thanking her for all the help she gave them. 

Alexis gave Avelina a lifetime savings of cash which she can use to fund her children’s school fees or even use to build an apartment. 

Avelina is very happy that she had a hard time containing her tears and jokingly asks Alex, 

“Do you want me to leave?” (because she gave her lots of money)

In which Alex adoringly replied, 

“No, don’t leave me. I need you.” 

Watch the full video below.

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