Fri. Apr 26th, 2019
Embassy Holds OFW Flight Because Of Health Condition

Embassy Holds OFW Flight Because Of Health Condition

What’s worst of being an OFW aside from maltreatment is being sick with no one to take care of him.

Overseas Filipino Worker who is bound to go home was being held by the Philippine embassy due to a health condition.

Rey Seran, a friend of the OFW shared a post on Facebook asking help for his OFW neighbor who was being held by the embassy. According to him, the OFW is already in the airport and is about to take the flight from Jeddah to the Philippines when the embassy holds him.

OFW suffering

Rey said that the embassy holds the OFW’s flight due to his health condition. The OFW was sent to King Fahad hospital and is now on the ICU.

Rey is asking help for his OFW neighbor. Said that may help his friend form him to be able to go home in the Philippines. Rey is also asking if anyone knows someone who is working in the embassy that could help his friend.

The OFW is named as Alfredo Gacer Cayabo Jr. Contact number: 057061 2519. Iqama number 387472265.

In addition, Rey already relayed Alfredo’s condition to his friend OFW who is working in King Fahad hospital, Aimee Gee. Said that Alfredo is being monitored by her and in fact, provided him a phone if ever someone wants to contact him.


Rey and Aimee did not disclose Alfredo’s diagnose. However, he was now out in the ICU and already transferred in the ward.

“Alfredo was shifted out from the ICU last night and is now being monitored and treated in a regular room. The treatment is going to take some time, but we already have seen progress and prayerfully, he will soon be able to recuperate and regain enough physical strength to attend a long flight from here to the Philippines. For the meantime, let’s all pray for his health and the concern on his departure can be handled later. God bless us all”, Aimee said.

Source: FB

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