Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Elder OFW Lost Things At Philippine Airport, Netizens Won’t Buy It.

Valuable things that were stolen in the Philippine airport has been one of the many old issues of the country. And up to now, it hasn’t been solved yet.

There’s another victim again

A few weeks ago, an old OFW lost her valuable things in the Philippine airport. It was said that she traveled from Canada to the Philippines. Her relatives who reported the incident said that the OFW was on a wheelchair while traveling. And haven’t noticed her luggage was opened until she gets home.

The video they uploaded on social media about the incident garnered different reactions from the Netizen since it was taken at home.

Many netizens debated about the video

Many netizens commented that their video is of no used since it was taken at home. Said that they should’ve have taken the video at the airport where the incident happened and report it immediately to the personnel.

In addition, they said that it was impossible that the OFW haven’t noticed that her luggage was open. Emphasizes that she should’ve double checked her luggage thoroughly to be sure before going home.

One opposes the comments and said that the OFW would not notice it since it was said that she was on a wheelchair. However, the netizens would not take it, said that even if she was on a wheelchair, her companion should’ve noticed it. Added that it was impossible for the OFW to travel alone and on a wheelchair, the airport won’t allow it.

Some of the netizens also commented that it was black propaganda since the election is near.

Whatever the real reason is behind this video, one thing is for sure, we should be very careful when traveling, double check everything before going home. Because it’s true, the video won’t solve anything since it was taken at home.


Watch the video here: Facebook

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