Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

Domestic Worker Mag-isang Inaalagaan Ang Sarili Sa Hospital Matapos Mastroke

Being an OFW is really not an easy job and requires a lot of sacrifices. Aside from their battle against homesickness every day, they also have to be mindful of their health and avoid getting sick, knowing that there’s no one to take care of them but themselves.

Stroke OFW

A concerned netizen, Ancel Onairam Sotnas Soled, asks help for an OFW, Antonieta Abarquez, who was admitted at Marka Islamic Hospital Amman Jordan for a month now. According to Soled, Abarquez suffers a stroke, half of her body is paralyzed, and alone in the hospital. She has no watcher, no visitors since she was admitted to the hospital, and nobody is processing her hospital documents.

Soled is hopeful that through her posts, Abarquez will receive immediate help that she needs basing on her current condition.

Soled calls out OWWA official

In her post, Soled expresses her gratitude for the people who reached out to her to help Abarquez. however, she also calls out one of the OWWA staff who allegedly told her ‘pa post post pa kayo’. In her defense, Soled said that Abarquez already called and asked help from OWWA long before they met, but receive no actions from them and kept on telling Abarquez that they’ll follow-up the situation. Added that the official told Abarquez ‘walang kwenta’.


She also mentioned that OWWA made a promise to Abarquez that she’ll be going home already. It was supposedly last Thursday, but it did not happen.

Soled said that she’ll not erase her post and will keep it updates in regards to Abarquez’s situation. For now, Abarquez is still in the hospital and waiting for OWWA’s promised ticket home.

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