Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Domestic Worker Invites Boyfriend Inside The House, Caught By Employer!

OFW caught by employer letting someone inside her house.

When we talk about OFW abuse the very first thing that comes to mind is the employer is at fault. However, not all employers are bad and not all abuse OFWs are victims. We can’t deny the fact that there are times where the OFW are to blame for her/his misfortune. The same with what happened to this OFW.

OFW- sent to prison

An OFW domestic worker in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia was sent to prison by her employer. This is after the employer caught the OFW with her boyfriend inside her (employer’s) house.

According to Roda, liaison officer of the Saudi Recruitment Agency, it is the usual routine of the OFW when her employer is not around- letting her boyfriend inside the house. However, luck was not with her that one fine day when her employer went back to the house much earlier than usual. And that’s when the employer saw the OFW being with a guy inside the house.

“May pasok po sa trabaho ang mga amo ni Shiela (hindi tunay na pangalan), kaso mukhang may nakalimutan kaya bumalik ng bahay nila ng wala sa oras kaya doon naaktuhan itong si Shiela na may kasamang ibang lahi sa bahay ng amo.”

Labor Attache Nasser Munder said that the boyfriend is of a different race. Added that it’s the usual routine of Shiela whenever her employer goes to work.

Munder reminded everyone to be mindful and respect the host country’s culture. Said to not make any abrupt decision that could lead them to danger.

“Nananawagan ako na iwasan gumawa ng mga ganoong bagay, alam naman po natin na napakahigpit ng host country lalo na sa kaso ng imoralidad, sana hindi na ito maulit dahil kami dito sa Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) hindi lang isa hanggang tatlong beses naming nakakatanggap ng ganyang mga kaso iwasan nyo magkaroon ng boyfriend, lolokohin lang kayo nang mga iyan, ang ipinunta nyo ditto ay magtrabaho, kung love ang hahanapin nyo ay duon na lang kayo sa atin.”


The agency managed to persuade the employer to discontinue the case. She is now safely home in the Philippines, thanks to POLO and the agency.

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