Wed. Sep 18th, 2019
domestic helper room

Domestic Helpers Bedroom is also her Bathroom

We know that most Filipino domestic helpers have a difficult life abroad. It’s true that some may be safe from being abused physically. But some employer still finds a way to abuse them the other way. And this OFW video of an OFW proved it.

domestic helpers toilet and bedroom in one

An OFW complains about her bedroom

The Arab Times Kuwait shared a video on their page where an OFW is complaining about her bedroom. You wouldn’t believe its design!
The comfort room and the bedroom is literally in one space! Very unsanitary.

The video shows very little space where you can see a bedroom and beside it is a shower and a toilet. And space is literally very small that when you wake up and got off the bed, the toilet is already beside you- just one step away. What an inhumane way of treating one’s employee!

You would think that abuse only happens when there’s a physical contact happened but this video clearly shows a different way of abuse. The OFW’s sponsor is so horrible. It may seem unbelievable, but sadly, some people are really capable to do this. Thinks highly of themselves and treats others worst than animals. It’s sad but it’s the glaring truth about the attitude of some humans.

Many netizens are not happy angry with the way the sponsor treats the OFW either. Some said that the sponsor should put herself/himself in the OFW’s situation so that she/he would realize how horrible she/he is.

“Think of it that what would you feel of you are in this situation?? Suppose the sponsor work as a maid? And u will sleep here? It is unhuman treatment. Donya is now been taken jehannam who leaves on earth”

Watch the full video below:

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