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Domestic Helper Cleverly Reminds Employer that she knows her Rights

One of the many traits of Filipinos that make other countries love them is their being ‘masipag’. Aside from it, Filipinos are also known for being skillful and smart. These are the few reasons why overseas Filipino workers are very in demand all over the world.

Most are afraid

But, despite being hardworking and smart, some Filipinos still coward towards other race. This happens to our domestic help. We all are very aware of the bad treatment our domestic helpers endure in the hands of their employer.

One of the reasons for this unjust treatment is most domestic help think very small of themselves. Thinking that they have no right to fight back. Or no right to say no of what the employer might tell them to do, for a reason that they are a ‘help’. Some also endure bad treatment because they are afraid of termination.

Hence, giving the employer the power to do as they like and badly treat them. Which is sad and very wrong in all aspects.

You can fight back

One OFW shows us how to do it.

An OFW posted in her Facebook timeline how she cleverly sticks her contract to her employer’s refrigerator. This is to remind them that she won’t let them take advantage of her. Despite this, the OFW extends her thanks to her employer for being good to her.

Naku contrata ko. nkdikit sa ref para alam.nila d ako ppyag apihin.never😂😂😂 at thankful blessed kasi sobra bait nila finish contract na.extended


The post may be considered as a joke but it also sends out a message to each OFW domestic help. Don’t belittle yourself. Read what is stated in your contract. Armed yourself with a knowledge of what are your rights as a worker. In this way, employers will know his place and will think twice in doing you harm.

Source: Facebook

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