Tue. Dec 11th, 2018

Do Not Trust And Be Mindful About Flirting With Other Race

You may think to be an OFW is great but, it’s not. Being in a foreign land with new cultures and traditions, surrounded by strangers, the battles OFWs faced every day is no easy fit.

Aside from making themselves adapt to the new environment, OFWs battle emotional torture, homesickness. Some try to fight it by looking for someone to talk to, chat and flirt with.

OFW accused of stealing jewelry

Abu Asiyah Loma, an OFW Arabic translator uploaded a video detailing the case he was invited into which involved a Filipino household worker. According to him, the OFW was accused of stealing jewelry.

Abu added that based on the police report, the OFW worker had a Pakistani boyfriend. This man asked her to steal jewelry from her employer. Told her to call him after and promised to marry her.

Being fair

The judge asked Abu Asiyah to translate to the OFW if her employer had forced her, hurt her to admit the case. It was when the OFW denied the case, said she did not do it.

The judge then asked her employers to estimate the approximate amount of jewelry they claimed the OFW stole. The employer said they can’t estimate it since most of the jewelry was given by their family and friends to their mother.

No strong evidence

Since the employers don’t have a strong evidence to prove their claim and the Filipino worker had already gone to prison for 10 months, the judge convinces them to let the OFW go. And told them to let Allah be the judge of her if she’s telling the truth or not.

It’s dangerous

Abu Asiyah reminded fellow OFW to be wary of their doings and emphasizes the danger of flirting with other race. He said that he had heard many cases where OFWs had put their lives in danger because of this.

As an OFW himself, he kindly reminded everyone that they’re in the overseas country to work, to give themselves along with their families a great future, and not to do filthy things.

Paalala sa mga OFW

Abu Asiyah Lomaさんの投稿 2018年10月21日日曜日


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