Thu. Sep 24th, 2020
Pearl Ocay

DH Pinakulong Matapos Makitang Hinuhugasan Ang Pribadong Parte Ng Katawan Ng Alagang Batang Lalake

Isang domestic helper ang pinakulong ng kanyang amo matapos makitang hinuhugsan neto ang maselang parte ng katawan ng alagang batang lalaki. 

Babies, toddlers, here in the Philippines, it’s normal to assist them in their daily routine e.g changing clothes, brushing the teeth, taking a bath, etc. And in taking a bath, it’s also normal for us to touch them and help them clean every part of their body, and this is done with no malice at all. However, this recent post will teach us, especially domestic workers in the Middle East, that this kind of practice is not acceptable to them. 

Found washing ward’s private body part

A concerned friend of a domestic worker, Pearl Ocay, asks immediate rescue for her friend through posting on her Facebook group, OFW KAMI sa GITNANG SILANGAN.

According to Ocay, her friend bathed her 2-year-old wards and was cleaning his private part when his grandma saw them. And when she asked her daughter about it, she was told that the Pinay worker is playing with the child’s private part. The reason for the grandma to get angry and immediately calls the police. 

Employer’s violations

Aside from this, Ocay mentioned in her post that her friend’s employer doesn’t feed her well and only gives her leftover foods. Her salary was also not given to her. Her employer also makes her clean relative’s house for free. The family of the OFW has a hard time contacting the latter because her phone was confiscated by her employer. 

The OFW’s name is Agnes Delos Santos from Basilan City. The name of her agency is Step Up International Manpower Services. 


Thanks to the quick action of our kababayans, they immediately contact and inform her agency. The OFW is already safe and with her family in the Philippines. 


Source: Facebook

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