Sat. Jun 6th, 2020
Danelyn Ejara

Daughter Asks Help For Her OFW Mother Who Was Hospitalized In Dubai

A daughter of an Overseas Pinay worker is asking help on behalf of her mother who was hospitalized in Dubai.

Danelyn Ejara posted posted in OFW KAMI sa GITNANG SILANGAN Facebook group, asking help for her mother. According to her, her mother has been in the hospital in Fujairah Dubai for several weeks. Added that her mother’s employer did not contact them in regards to her mother’s situation and they have no idea to what is the caused of her mother’s hospitalization.

Danelyn Ejara

Direct Hire

What’s more disheartening in this situation is when they called the person who helps her mother to work abroad, they were told that her mother is a direct-hired so she has no recruitment agency to asks help with. Her mother has also a fellow Filipino worker, but it seems like the latter is afraid of their employer. Her mother’s mobile phone was also confiscated.

Magandang araw po salahat nais ko po sana humingi ng tulong sa inyo para aking mama na nasa fujairah dubai , nasa ospital po siya ngayon 😭😭😭😭 ilang weeks n po siyng nandun .
Hindi po lame tinatawagan ng amo niya.
Hindi po namen alam kung ano sakit niya .
Tinatawagan o namen ung taong nagpaalis sa kanya dirict daw po siya wala daw agency . 😭😭😭may kasama po siyang pinay pero parang takot po sa amo niya .
Kinuha din po cp ng mama ko
Please tulungan niyo po mama ko
Salamat po admin

There’s still no update about this one, but many netizens have already reached out to the daughter although most of them commented that help might be difficult since her mother is a direct hired, but they’re doing their best to give the necessary help.

Source: Facebook

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