Tue. Jul 7th, 2020
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CPD Seminars And Renewal Of PRC ID Attendance Is Now Cosidered ‘Official Time’

No ‘absences’ anymore in fulfilling your professional licenses.

Listening to the pleas of local professionals to help them ease the burden of required CPD Points (Continuing Professional Development) requirements, the Civil Service Commission CSC issued a memorandum to give professionals sufficient time to fulfill their requirements.

Government employees who fulfill their requirement for their professional licenses will now be considered under ‘official time’- the CSC.

The CSC Memorandum Circular No. 18, series of 2018, states that any government employees processing their Professional Identification Cards PICs is now considered official time. Also, they can now attend seminars/training for their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units without worrying of being absent from work.

In line with the CPD of government professionals, CSC memorandum states:

  1. Attendance of government professionals in CPD Courses shall be considered on official time for purposes of meeting the required CPD units as prescribed by their respective Professional Regulatory Board. Anything in excess of what is required for the CPD may be subject to the discretion of the agency heads.
  2. Aside from authorizing the attendance of their professionals in CPD Courses, agency heads are responsible in ensuring proper scheduling of their professionals to CPD Training so as not to hamper agency operations;
  3. The CPD program/courses may also be considered as appropriate for meeting the technical or managerial training hours required for appointment purposes depending on its course description, objectives, and target participants as prescribed by the CPD provider.
  4. All government professionals are granted one (1) day on official time for every three years for the renewal of their Professional Identification Cards (PICs).

Though CPD law has caused frustration to many local professionals as it’s time-consuming and expensive, the PRC stood firm that CPD is vital to professional development.

CSC MC No. 18, s. 2018 by on Scribd

Last December, the agency clarifies a report that the CPD law has been abolished. Said that the Senate Bill that aims to repeal the law is still pending.

Is there really a need to abolish CPD points system?

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