Tue. May 11th, 2021
cabbin cottage house design

Converting a simple house design to cottage style bahay

Converting a simple house design from conventional brick-and-mortar to cottage style home provides glamour and uniqueness regardless of shape and size. This is an attractive home concept which can be suggested to the OFWs who are inclined to natural forestry and mountain viewing.

The cottage-style house design appears to be appropriate to prospective locations near mountainous regions, camping trails and nature theme parks. It can be commonly seen from beach resorts in Anilao, Batangas, Kalibo, Aklan or Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte where people enjoy the fascinating wonders of nature.

This type of design is expected to showcase tall and wide window opening, winding pathways and various natural environmental settings by which some are associated with farmhouse plans. More importantly, the occupants can enjoy the fresh air, sweet sounds of the chirping birds and astonishing landscapes.

However, the modern house design with a cottage style theme appears innovative nowadays. People will notice wide windows, high ceilings and efficient ventilation which extend from one space to another, utilizing the presence of clean and pleasant home atmosphere. Home designers are now becoming more creative, combining steel, wood and rough concrete materials in one interesting idea.

cottage house design

Also added to the natural beauty of an interior design is the evolution of modular construction methodologies which include housing components and selected home furniture.

A bungalow is the typical home classification of cottage homes. Its house blueprints offer complete home spaces for a single family including 1-2 bedrooms, standard size kitchen, living area, dining and a veranda where occupants can view some interesting sceneries. Typically, the veranda is the special place where family members are having a good time or when they receive visiting guests and relatives. If there are enough funds available, a two-storey cottage home can be considered where a small balcony is provided, facing the sunset or sunrise views.

cottage style house

It is not necessary to spend too much to acquire this type of home design. Average-cost materials like wood veneer, marble-themed floor tiles and wood fixtures painted with varnish are already appropriate for its interiors. A cottage home can provide 10-12 square meters room size average, 30 square meters for the kitchen, living and dining combined, and additional 10 square meters for exterior spaces like a porch or receiving areas. To maximize the available landscape, a garden trellis is recommended for sun shading and enhanced the natural atmosphere.

Living in this type of house near the natural landforms or bodies of water definitely, provides a different kind of sensational experience for its occupants. A cottage home can be a brilliant concept which may become a lifetime heritage of the OFWs for their families back home.

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