Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

Considerations Before Choosing Your Homeschool Provider

Choosing the Right Homeschool Provider

The Corona Virus Disease or COVID-19 pandemic has affected our way of life, with most of us afraid to go out in fear of catching the disease. Schooling, in particular, is largely affected in this pandemic. So, how can parents or students ensure that they still have a quality education? The answer, homeschooling, but how can you be so sure of the homeschool provider you’re planning to choose?

Before anything else, please consider the things you need from a homeschool provider, do they fit for you, or if you already have one, do you know you are in the right homeschool provider? It is important that before choosing a homeschool provider you have your own criteria.

Examples of some needed criteria for choosing a homeschool provider;

DepEd accredited homeschool provider

School records are very important for your child’s education, they are needed especially if they wish to return to traditional schooling thus accredited providers need to provide Learner Reference Number (LRN) to be listed in Learner Information System (LIS). This identification number is permanent and unique which is needed to ensure the student’s record in DepED. Homeschool providers should secure your child’s LRN.


Providers have their own guidelines, but will they allow you to use an open curriculum? If yes, it is a go, but if no, it beats the sole purpose of homeschooling, so find another provider.

Assessments & School Requirements

Providers should have an academic facilitator or advisor, they are needed because they can see the gaps in your child’s learnings and advise you which subject areas your child needs to focus on.

Grading System

Assessments are not complete without a grading system. Homeschooling needs honest feedback from you as a parent-teacher. An academic advisor will help you in determining if your child’s competencies is on par with his or her grade level. In the end, your child needs to be assessed and will be determined if he or she will move to another level or be retained depending on the results.

Support System

Your homeschool provider should have a support system. Training, workshops, or other services that can support you and your child. Working together with your provider/s will help achieve your goal of homeschooling your child.

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