Sun. Jun 16th, 2019
Undocumented migrant workers

Consequences of Undocumented migrant workers

Aspiring a good and decent life for the family remains to be the primary goal of every overseas Filipino worker by undergoing permanent migration outside of Philippines. Thousands of OFWs go through the long process of many immigration policies just to gain the opportunity to stay on an international soil. Labor migration is considered one giant step towards better career advancement and skills empowerment. Unfortunately, the reality is that this beautiful Filipino dream could possibly result in humongous cases of human trafficking and hard labor conditions.

Unequal protection of rights

Undocumented migrants are always at risk of violating immigration laws which may lead them to stiff fines and imprisonment. An OFW with no valid working papers is fully exposed to unequal protection of rights, employer abuse and distressed living conditions within the foreign territory. If the OFWs have no record of any working or residency status, they may experience discriminatory acts in relation to racial, social, religious and civil rights without any government protection. More often than not, their life situation becomes aggravated trying to elude arrest or getting caught by immigration officials.


Hard labor and no access to health services

Filipinos without appropriate working contracts or immigration papers are forced to undergo hard labor conditions just to survive for their daily needs. This scenario could lead to potential cases of insufficient wages, excessive working hours and sexual abuse in a workplace. They also have a higher risk of getting employed without medical benefits, regular rest day and standard living conditions. These inevitable circumstances will likely happen to people without proper documents or to those who have been staying in a foreign destination in a long while.

Economic and social cause

Undocumented migration would mean more distressed Filipinos abroad and more affected families back home. There is also a huge risk for Filipinos who attempt to enter another destination across the border or by means of human trafficking. This could possibly result in wider social implications especially now that more immigration crackdowns are happening in many parts of the world. In a larger context, illegal immigrants who have been living for so long abroad will increase the cost for the Philippine government, particularly during massive repatriation due to an economic and diplomatic crisis.

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration provides many opportunities for aspiring OFWs through the assistance of accredited manpower agencies and reputable recruiters. This is why they must comply with all necessary requirements stipulated under Philippine laws in order to minimize the potential risk of danger.

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