Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Concerned OFW Posted About Fellow Pinay DH Being Abused, A Fake News?

Social Media especially, Facebook, has been a great help for many Overseas Filipino Workers. Many abused OFW’s stories have been solved because of their story going viral. It is indeed true that social media plays a big role and has been helpful to many OFWs. However, as much as it is helpful, we can’t deny the fact that it is also a source of Fake News.

A concerned OFW posted a picture of a fellow Pinay DH where she allegedly met at the mall. According to the concerned OFW, the Pinay DH is being mistreated by the employer. Said that the Pinay DH has been working for her employer for six months, and has not received her salary ever since. Added that her food is budgeted and her daily hygiene needs (i.e shampoo, soap, etc.) are not provided by the employer. And that she’s been made to sleep in the storage room.

The post went viral and has gathered 8,900 reactions, 5,300 comments, and 19,000 shares.

Fake News?

However, as we go through the comment section to find updates of the alleged mistreated Pinay DH, we found something else. In the comment section, a netizen called out the concerned OFW and asks if they could talk about her post.

Saying that there must be a mistake about the latter’s post because he had talked with the alleged abused Pinay DH and the Pinay DH herself denies the allegation. He added that he knows the employer personally who’s a military and that they work together in the military hospital. He then moderately ask the OFW to delete her post.

There has been no reply from the concerned OFW and the post has not been taken down.

With all the issues of abuse going around nowadays, we understand that you worry about the welfare of your fellow OFWs. But before posting or sharing, we ask that you make sure how true it is first because rather than helping, you only cause worries to the family.

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