Fri. Jan 24th, 2020
Jorna Idno

Concerned Netizen Asks Help For A Domestic Worker She Met At The Hospital Who Has Swollen Eyes And Face

A concerned netizen kindly asks for help for a fellow Overseas Filipino worker who has swollen eyes and face.

According to Ruby Valdez, she met the domestic worker at Mubarak Hospital. It is clearly shown in the physical appearance of the OFW that she is not okay. Valdez wanted to help the OFW, however, she could not take a risk as there are a lot of CCTVs in the hospital and the OFW is heavily guarded by two Arab men.

Despite the circumstances, Valdez was able to talk with the Filipina. According to her, the OFW only wanted to go home since her contract will end this November 20. However, the employer didn’t want her to go home yet because there’ll be no one to take care of her children and it is not the time for school vacation yet.

Jorna Idno

Swollen eyes and face are not a bruise from beating

And when asked about her swollen face, the OFW answered that she’s suffering from severe headache. And that it could be the reason that her eyes and face are swollen. The OFW also mentioned that she has no proper bedroom and just sleeps everywhere in her employer’s house.

The OFW’s name is Jorna Idno, 32, of Zamboanga. Her agency in the Philippines is Nonstop. And her address in Kuwait is Block 5, St.465
House 242 Jaber Al Ahmad.


The OFW’s case has already been reported and submitted to Atty Lyn Asst Labor Attache of OWWA, thanks to Ricky R. Laxa. Additional update, a staff from NONSTOP agency, Eden Buenavista, had visited the OFW in Mubarak Hospital.

Jorna Idno

“Hello po puntahan ko n po xa now sa mubarak hospital pra check po kalagayan niya”

Source: Facebook

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