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Check OFWs Voters Status

How to Check OFWs Voters Status and Voting Process

Overseas Absentee Voting (OAV) started on April 9, 2016, and some OFWs  are still not aware of their voters status if it is still active or not. Check OFWs Voters Status before going to the embassy to cast the vote.

Good thing that Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has developed a “post finder’ where you can see your voters status whether your registration has been approved by the RERB.

Follow these simple steps to check your voters status

  1. Visit COMELEC website “Overseas Voting” and “Post Finder” section
  2. Fill in the OV registration verification form and click “Search”
  3. Press the “OK” button to continue
  4. You are going to then see your voters information and look for the “Registration Status” if it says “Active” or not

Note: Local voters or those who are in the Philippines should click “Precinct Finder” before following the above steps.

Below is the guide for OFWs who are casting their votes at the Philippine Embassy:

  1. Approach any embassy staff and ask for assistance in finding the COMELEC personnel
  2. You will be then guided by the COMELEC personnel to your designated booth
  3. Fill the ballots using the marker that they are going to provide and properly shade the oval (incomplete or partial shade will not be counted)
  4. Be sure to ONLY shade, not more than 1 oval for President, Vice-president and for a party list.
  5. You may select any number of senators in your list not exceeding to 12.
  6. Voters should insert the ballot into the PCOS machine and you should wait for the printed receipt.
  7. CHECK the receipt if it’s the same with the vote you cast
  8. Printed receipt will be then drop into a receptacle provided.
  9. The voter should vacate the polling station immediately to give way to the next voter.

Please do note that you can get in jail if you are going to take your voter receipt home.

Vote wisely. Follow what your mind say and don’t let anyone affect you on your choice.

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