Tue. Dec 11th, 2018
OFW jessica

Caused Of Death Of An OFW Believed To Have A Foul Play

Despite all the issues of maltreatment that surround OFW household workers, many are still willing to gamble their life. Despite the effort of the Philippine Gov’t in establishing rules to protect Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), many employers still disregard it.

Though some are lucky to have found a good employer, some fell into the hands of an inhuman employer. An employer who thinks so highly of themselves. An employer who loves to mistreat and abuse their household worker.

Another victim of maltreatment

OFW jessica foul play

Katrena Verona posted on her Facebook timeline about an OFW who died in a hospital in Kuwait.

Katrena said that she was told that the OFW was sent to the hospital because she hit her head badly on the Comfort Room’s floor. However, the OFW’s physical condition when sent to the hospital said otherwise.

Believes to be a victim of molestation

Someone told Katrena that it was not true that the OFW hit her head in the comfort room (CR) rather seemed to have been forced and molested. It is because the OFW’s physical condition screamed ‘r@p3’ when she arrives in the hospital.

The OFW’s underwear was not in order and there’s a sperm found in the lower part of her body. “Her whole body also smells like Arab”, according to the post.

The Filipina was named as Jessica Bayawa from Silingan Digos. A household worker based in Kuwait. Jessica was confined in Al Amiri hospital and stayed in ICU for 5 days before she died.

OFW jessica foul play

The family ask for justice

The grieving family refused to believe that Jessica’s cause of death was a mere accident. They want her case to be investigated and want Jessica’s remain to undergo Autopsy.

As of now, one of her children is following up her/his mother’s case.

Our deepest condolences

We’re sending our deepest condolences to the grieving family. We hope and pray along with other Filipinos that Jessica’s case will be solved immediately so that he can get her justice.

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