Mon. Apr 12th, 2021
Pilot Programs for Caregivers

Canadian Government to Launch New Immigration Pilot Programs for Caregivers

The Trudeau administration recently announced the two new immigration pilot programs designed for caregivers to be launched later this year.

The two five-year initiatives will grant employment access for successful applicants to work as caregivers in Canada. Once applicants satisfy a number of criterions, they will be granted permanent residence status that will allow them to bring their families.

The two new immigration pilot programs will make it more convenient for foreign caregivers to become permanent residents according to Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen.

“Caregivers provide care to families in Canada that need it, and it’s time for Canada to care for them in return,” Hussen said in a press interview. “We are providing them with both the opportunity to bring their family members here and access (to) permanent residency to demonstrate our commitment,” he further added.

Hussen has announced the details of the pilot program during a recent neighborhood organization event in Toronto. New provisions under the pilot project are as follows:

1. Potential applicants will be thoroughly assessed for permanent residence eligibility before they can start working in Canada. They will be provided with a “direct pathway” in becoming a permanent resident once they gained two straight years of caregiver experience and secured a valid work permit.

2. Caregivers will be granted job-specific work permits which enable them to switch jobs easily if they wish to.

3. Current restrictions that prevent family members of the caregiver to come to Canada will be reduced.

4. Open work permits will be granted for spouses and common-law partners while study permits will be given to dependent children.

The new Home Child Care Provider pilot and the Home Support Worker pilot will formally replace the “Caring for Children” and “Caring for People with High Medical Needs” pilot programs, which are set to expire this November. Hussen says that the two existing pilot initiatives, which were implemented by the previous conservative government, were harsh and “ineffective.”

The newly designed pilot programs aim to accommodate a total of 2,750 principal applicants for each category or a total of 5,500 primary applicants per year. Spouses, common-law partners, and dependent children will not be considered as main applicants.

A national coalition of caregiver advocacy organization described the present pilot systems as “fundamentally-flawed,” giving caregivers a difficult time to cope up with family separation and abusive work environment. Previously, caregivers were only given “temporary” work permits, which forced them to get tied up with a single employer regardless if the work conditions were acceptable enough or not.

For many years, foreign caregivers had started working for Canadian families only to discover that they would not be qualified to become permanent residents under the current programs. This interim program, which is set to open on March 4, 2019, will provide caregivers the golden opportunity to enjoy living in Canada along with their loved ones.

Source: CBC

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