Tue. May 21st, 2019
Small Investment

Businesses OFWs Can Start With Small Investment

Many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) want to make the most of the money they earn from working at the cost of being away from their family and loved ones. Many want to start their own business but there are those who are not able to do so because profitable business ideas seem to require large amounts of money.

Fortunately, for those who are short in cash, there are businesses that only require small investment. Here are some of them:

Online Store

You may also sell goods without the need to set up a brick and mortar shop. You can set up a website or even use Facebook to market and post images of the products that you sell. Many Filipinos sell clothes, shirts and even gadgets online. You may also want to check if there are products in the country you currently reside in that you can sell and ship to your kababayans back home.

Some branded bags and shoes that are not often readily available in the malls or have prohibitive prices often sell like hotcakes online. You can start this business with as little as PhP 5,000 to purchase your initial stocks. Alternatively, you may want to do drop shipping, which will allow you to get started without the need to shell out money.

Food Cart Business

Filipinos love to eat. You can invest in a food cart business if you want to bank in on Pinoy’s love to indulge in cheap but tasty food. An ideal place for your food cart business would be in the malls, where shoppers are likely to buy your products if they taste great and are affordable. You also have the option to place your food cart in highly populated streets. Initial capital for this business range from as little as PhP 25,000 to PhP 100,000.

Rice Retailing Business

Rice is among the staple foods in the Filipino diet. You may want to get into the business of selling rice, a venture that would cost you around PhP 50,000 to get started. With good management, a rice retailing business will not likely go out business.

Raising Livestock

For OFWs with families living in the province or those with farmlands, a livestock business that raises chicken, pigs and cows can be a profitable way of making the most of large land areas. You can sell pork and beef or earn from selling fresh milk. Selling eggs will also give you additional source of income.


Putting your money in stocks may not require you to actively participate in the affairs of the company you are investing in but being a shareholder is still a potential means of making your money grow. With only about PhP 5,000 you can start investing in the stockmarket and buy shares from reputable companies in the Philippines. A bigger investment will allow you to buy shares from the likes of Jollibee and Globe Telecom.

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