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Bond Secrets of Manpower Agencies and Lending Companies

A certain someone uploaded a video of himself revealing how manpower agencies and lending companies connived to suck off money from the OFWs who are bound to Taiwan.

In the video, a man warns off OFWs who are bound to Taiwan about borrowing money from a lending company.

According to him, manpower agencies and lending companies work as one to fool Filipinos. He explained that this happens when someone has no money to pay for a placement fee.

Manpower agency will refer a lending company

He said that manpower agencies will refer a lending company to the Filipino to borrowed money from. They will then warn the Filipino to not borrow from other lending companies otherwise they won’t let them fly to Taiwan.

These companies will then require the borrower to open a checking account in the Philippines. And requires them to sign a promissory note.

The promissory note stated the amount borrowed by the borrower and the amount to pay. What the borrower failed to notice is the amount to pay section is converted to NT (New Taiwan Dollar).

For example

The applicant will ask the agency how much is the placement fee. The agency will then say 60,000 pesos. Now, that 60,000 pesos, if borrowed in their referred lending company, will be 60,000 NT. It is what they signed in the promissory note without noticing it.

The man said that the amount to pay covers the placement fee, the interest of both sides, and the court judge fee in Taiwan that’s why the amount is that big.

The checking account and promissory note are used as an evidence against the borrower in case he/she can’t pay her/his credit. Checking account is used to file a case against the borrower in the Philippines. And the promissory note in Taiwan.

The man didn’t introduce himself but said that he worked from a lending company before. He uploaded this video to explain to those who asked him about their unexplainable amount of credits in the agency. And to warn others as well about this connivance between manpower agency and these companies.

Watch the video

Ofw Taiwan Bound….. Kailangan po nyong mapanood ito… Lalong lalo na sa mga trabahador na nakahiram at nagbabalak pang humiram sa mga lending companies…THE BOND SECRETS OF MANPOWER AGENCIES AND LENDING COMPANIES FINALLY REVEALED…..#credittotheowner#throughhisrevelations

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