Tue. Dec 11th, 2018
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Bitag Official Aids Sexually Abused OFW in Qatar

Antonio Lopiva Jr. is worried because his wife, who is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Qatar is being sexually abused by her male employer.

No other choice

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Feeling like there is no other choice, Lopiva went to Bitag Official and sought help from Ben Tulfo himself.

According to him, the employer of his wife proceeds in showing her his private parts everytime his wife leaves the house.

The wife is not able to leave because her passport is being held by her employers. She can’t fight back or even tell her female employer because then, it might just get worse.

So they decided to ask for help from Tulfo, so they can get immediate action.

Previous complaints

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After getting in touch with the agency, Tulfo found out that previous reports were already lodged by the couple.

However, the previous complaints were all of various reasons and not of sexual abuse. That’s why they weren’t able to take action immediately.

False Allegation

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Aside from this, the agency also added that the female employer is making rumors about the victim, which causes Tulfo to become more annoyed.

She was spreading rumors that the OFW just started to have complaints when she caught her talking to an Arabian in Qatar, when, in fact, it is just a false allegation.

Tulfo mentioned that neglecting complaints is one thing, but spreading rumors that can ruin a person is another. It was obvious that Tulfo got irritated.


After discussing with the agency, Tulfo continued in resolving the issue by contacting OWWA for assistance. Josefino Torres, the deputy administrator guarantees that necessary action to help the OFW will be implemented.

In addition, the agency also agrees to coordinate with the OWWA for the resolution of the said issue.

Watch the video below:

Source: YouTube

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