Tue. Dec 11th, 2018
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Balikbayan Box Sent Through Global Box Express LTD, Missing!

Many OFWs, no matter how hard their situation is in working abroad, strive hard to send a balikbayan box to their families. In fact, aside from the money they send to their family, they are willing to cut off their budget just to buy them a pasalubong.

A balikbayan box is not just a mere item to both the OFW and the recipient. It is prepared with lots of thoughts and love from the giver. Prepared with excitement and hope that it could give their family joy.

That’s why it is not right for the courier to not take good care of it. And worst, let it disappear to nowhere.

Missing balikbayan box

Eurika S. Tio, an OFW in Hongkong posted in OFW in Hongkong page about her missing balikbayan box.

Eurika posted her frustration on what to do about her balikbayan box.

According to her, she sent the box last July 22, 2018, through Global Box Express LTD. And until now it has not arrived at their place in the Philippines.

In addition, she said that she had called the company and complained but told that her package would arrive after two weeks. Now, from two weeks, it became a month and there’s still no news about her package.

OFWs frustration

Eurika did not know what to do anymore. She’s not even sure if some of the items (chocolates) of her package are still okay.

She said that she kept on calling them about it but they always tell her to wait for two weeks. And now, it’s been three months and still, she’s not able to locate her package.

And worse, when she last called them, they told her that she had an insufficient payment for the box. Eurika rant that if this was the case then why had they not informed her immediately. And she had a receipt to prove that she paid full payment for her box.

What step do you think Eurika can do to locate her box?

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