Wed. Oct 28th, 2020
Reckless Baggage Handler

Reckless Baggage Handler Caught Throwing Passengers’ Luggage

Before every travel, most of us put so much effort into packing our luggage to make sure that all the important stuff we need are positioned properly. Let’s face it, packing up really takes time especially if it’s the very first time you are going to board a plane. We’re so strict and detailed in every stuff inside our bags simply because we care enough for our belongings just to make our travel worth it.

Baggage Handler

Yet, in an irritating viral clip posted about three weeks ago by a netizen named Elizabeth Evans, a baggage handler is caught in the video throwing the luggage of the passengers. The scene took place at Manchester airport in the United Kingdom. The uploader put a caption, ‘Feel free to share this today…’, encouraging netizens to let others know by sharing the post about the incident that seemed a normal thing now in many airports – probably kind of hoping the man will eventually be held accountable to what he had done.

Luggage Being Thrown One By One

In the said film, the man is seen throwing away the suitcases without any hesitation.

The first bag that he threw luckily landed on the cart. However, after tossing the second blue case, it slipped past the cart falling directly to the ground. And the same thing happened with the third pink luggage which is owned by the uploader.

Baggage Handler
Red Luggage
























Then, the fourth red baggage went at the edge of the cart which was later pushed by the case he threw next to it.

Baggage Handler
Luggage at the edge of the cart






















Baggage Handler
Luggage Thrown Pushed The Other Bag at The Edge And Both Fell

How ridiculous to witness an incident like this. Why would anyone do such a thing? Sadly, it clearly shows the kind of baggage handler this man is with the way he treats other people’s belongings. Unimaginable. What even bothers many is the other baggage handler who did nothing but watch as the suitcases fell one by one on the ground.

SOURCE: Facebook

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