Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

Authorities Warn Off OFWs About ‘Kakanin’ Scheme In UAE

Authorities in UAE warns Overseas Filipino Workers, not to be involved or buy any food offered outside legal food establishments in the country.

In an interview of Brigadier Dr. Abdullah Rashid Al Shamsi, Director of the Law Respect Culture Office at the Ministry of Interior, with The Filipino Times, Al Shamsi repeated the strong call of the Authorities to OFWs as well as the public.

“The dangers of consuming products from illegal food vendors are real. Foods that do not pass through proper quality control and competent monitoring bodies are vulnerable to contamination, food poisoning, and the likes. Hence, they pose a great health hazard to consumers,” he said.

He added, “We warn illegal food vendors to stop their activity not unless they have secured prior authorization from concerned government authorities. For consumers, refrain from patronizing their food products as you’re not sure of the food preparation and handling made.”

Brigadier Dr. Abdullah Rashid Al Shamsi, Director of the Law Respect Culture Office at the Ministry of Interior

Al Shamsi emphasized that they are intent on cutting off illegal vendors in the country and that law enforcement has strengthened their efforts to stop the illegal activities.

The Philippines Embassy and the Consulate in UAE also warned Filipinos about engaging to said activities.

“The Filipino community is strongly urged not to patronize these unlicensed vendors and are discouraged from buying food items that have not been issued a food safety clearance by the UAE authorities,” the Embassy’s statement read.

These warnings were issued following reports of some Filipinos selling ‘kakanin’ in public areas i.e bus stations, restaurants, and public walkways.

Experts warned that these illegals operations are sometimes used as a cover-up for human exploitation. The same with what happened in the United States where three Pastors who are linked to Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC) were arrested for alleged human trafficking.

Consul General Paul Rayound Cortes strongly reminded OFWs that these activites are not a solution to earning income as UAE has strict laws when it comes to selling food illegally. Any individual caught violating the law will be fined by authorities.

“I wish to remind all our fellow Filipinos to adhere and strictly follow the rules and regulations of the UAE. Selling food without an appropriate license is an offense and may be meted with appropriate penalties,” said Cortes.

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