Fri. Apr 26th, 2019
Stolen At NAIA

Another Victim of Items Being Stolen at NAIA Terminal 3?

For the past years, NAIA terminal 3 has been the talk of the town. It seems like it is the favorite hangout place of swindlers, thief etc. You all know, a lot has happened into this place. Almost all the misfortune a person could encounter during traveling had happened here- ‘tanim bala‘ to name a few.

And now, seems like another victim of stolen items in Naia terminal 3 has surfaced the internet.

Jimmerly Cantil Balani posted on her Facebook timeline about her friend who had lost her items when traveling from NAIA terminal 3 to Davao Airport.

OFW victim

Jimmerly named her friend as Jen who’s an Overseas Filipino Worker. Jen lost her things during her travel from NAIA terminal 3 to Davao Airport.
Jimmerly and Jen could not pinpoint where the incident happened.

They are not sure if Jen’s items were stolen at NAIA terminal 3 or in Davao Airpot. Because Jen only discovered that her items were stolen when she was already in Davao Airport. Her luggage’s lock was broken and all of her items, that should have been her ‘pasalubong’ to her child and family were gone.

In her distress for her lost things that she worked hard to gather so that she could give it to her family, Jen could not help but cry. She already reported the incident but airport authorities just told her that they would call her for updates.

Many have been a victim of this kind of inhumane act not just OFWs but other travelers’ as well. What’s more worrisome is knowing that the one behind this action is working directly at the airport.

We hope that the Philippine government could fix this. Monitor and clean-up their people. We also hope that whoever did this to Jen will be reprimanded immediately.

Source: Facebook

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