Tue. Dec 11th, 2018
Video of abused filipina

Another Filipina OFW Sexually Abused In Saudi Arabia

Modern day heroes. That’s what the government call them. Filipinos working abroad despite the inherent risks involved just to give their family back home a better life. But is it really worth the risk? Is the government doing enough to protect these modern day heroes?

Another heartbreaking video of a Filipina working in Saudi Arabia has been going around social media recently. She is crying for help because she had been raped by her employer’s brother.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Her Heartbreaking Story

A concerned netizen, Sana Lahat, recently posted a video of a Filipina OFW sobbing inconsolably while narrating her horrifying ordeal at the hands of her employer’s brother.

The poor Filipina worker narrated that the suspect entered her room and tried to rape her several times. At first, he was not able to consummate his evil deed. But eventually on his third attempt, the hapless OFW was overpowered, and the heinous crime of rape was consummated.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Her Cries Fell On Deaf Ears

She also revealed that when she divulged the cruel incident to her employer, her employer didn’t do anything about it. Her cry for aid fell on deaf ears. That is why she decided to record a video of herself and send it to social media. She is hoping someone would rescue her from this terrifying household and have the man responsible suffer for his crime.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Outpouring Of Help And Support

Our fellow OFWs did not waste any time in providing the much-needed help and support that the poor Filipina OFW badly needed. Words of prayers filled social media. Others offered their moral support to the victim, urging her to stay strong while waiting for her rescue.

Pls Pakishare para mbilis ang pagrescue sa kanyaIsa nnmn kababayan natin ang nabiktima ng Rape sa Middle EastJanice Tolentino HagdonAldeffa Almade street Almodey city yanbuSaudi K.S.ANow lng po to AUGUST 16 2018 ©

Sana Lahatさんの投稿 2018年8月17日金曜日

Here are some of the heartwarming words of support by the netizens:

Photo Credit: Facebook

Source: Facebook

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