Fri. Jan 24th, 2020
Employer Throws Food At Pinay Domestic Worker

Angry Employer Throws Food At Pinay Domestic Worker

There are really employers who treat their workers inconsiderately. Nevermind the hard work of the worker to help them with their day-to-day lives, the only thing that’s important to them is for the worker to do everything they wanted them to do and don’t care if the worker is already tired or not. 

An employer throws food at the Pinay DH worker. In the video, the Pinay worker shows scattered food on the floor, the DH said that her employer got angry because she was not able to clean the bedroom of her employer’s child and throws foods at her. 

The upset DH worker can’t help but rant in the video. In her defense, she did everything for them, do the household chores even when she’s already tired, and distressingly asked if her employer considered her as a robot. 

The Pinay DH worker’s name is Myleene Ruelo.

Posted by Myleene Ruelo on Thursday, December 19, 2019

Different netizen’s reaction

Myleene’s post garnered different reactions from Facebook netizens. Ther are some who blame Myleene and asked if she had not followed her employer’s instruction immediately, the reason the employer got angry. 

“Kasalanan mo din.Gawin ang trabaho ng maayos ganyanin talaga tayo kasi binabayaran tayo…Kaya ikaw kung ayaw mo gawin yan sayo gawin ang trabaho mo ng maayos,” commented one of the netizens.

“Baka may inutos sya di mo inuna,” commented the other netizens. 

All in all, many netizens encourage Myleene to be brave and not let her employer continue treating her badly. Some advice Myleen to leave her employer and report to her agency immediately before the ill-treatment of her employer got worst. 

“Umalis ka jan kabayan baka di Lang ganyan gawin sayo magtagal kapa.”

“Mga kabayan my sadyang may saltik ang mga amo alis ka na dyan kabayan uulitin ay uulitin yan.” 

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