Tue. Dec 11th, 2018

An OFW ‘Mangkukulam’ Angry With Her Employer; Set Out Her Revenge To Their Baby

As a Filipino, we are all familiar with wakwak, mangkukulam, etc. These words are all etched to us ever since our childhood days. While others question their existence, most Filipinos believe with it.

A ‘mangkukulam’ is a practitioner of ‘kulam’ or known as a Filipino witch. They use black magic and caused unexplainable illness to their target. According to most, they do this by praying to Satan.

A ‘mangkukulam’ OFW?

Yesterday, Reynaldo Angeles Torcilino shared a story on her Facebook timeline where a domestic helper (household service worker) was being scolded by her male employer. It is believed that the OFW ‘kulam’ the baby of her employer.

In what way?

In the video, the OFW was being asked by her employer what she did to his baby. The Filipina replied that she uprooted the eyelashes of the baby, burned it, and prayed to Satan. This caused the baby to lose his appetite and not eat anything.

Why did she do it?

The Filipino worker said that she does it out of anger to her female employer. According to her, she could not take her female employer’s meanness anymore. So she set out her revenge to their baby.

Sad reality

What’s sad with this situation is the OFW is set to go home a month after. Her contract should be finished by that time. You could only wonder throughout the time she endured all the difficulties, why did she decide to do this thing now?

Netizens different reactions

Most Facebook netizens showed their worry toward the OFW but still find it difficult to understand the OFW’s reason.

Another netizen claimed that the baby found inside the bag that appeared in Reynaldo’s post is not related to the story of the household worker.

kulam reaction

Reminder to OFW and wants to be OFW

It is common knowledge that life abroad is not easy. You should be prepared mentally and emotionally to what may come to you in a foreign land. And whatever reason or who may cause your difficulties, it is not right to set your revenge to the baby.

Nakeeew kabayan ano bang pumasok sa utak mo at nagawa mo yan? isang buwan nlng eh pauwi kana patapos na kontrata mo…

Reynaldo Angeles Torcilinoさんの投稿 2018年10月29日月曜日

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