Tue. May 11th, 2021

An Inspiring Story of Successful sons of a Farmer and an OFW Mother

More than twenty years had passed as June, July, Jefferson, and Jessie’s parents strived to break free from poverty. This family of six has been part of generations and generations of farmers, from there forefathers they have remained farmers, but the parents of the four siblings wished to end this cycle.

The parents’ names of the four siblings Tatang, the father, and Inda, the mother. Their parents are the best role model for them, they do their best for them despite not living by a silver spoon. Their father, Tatang, was a hardworking father as it could be seen that he has more yields in crops compare to other farmers in their community, their mother, Inda, is also a hardworking housewife, she often helped her husband in buying and selling palay(rice crop).

Their life was as usual until June, the eldest finishes high school and will soon be in college, this was a huge dilemma for their family has their financial capabilities could not afford June’s tuition as in the 1980s free tuition is higher education was not implemented yet unlike today. At this point, their parents decided that they would go abroad to find a better job and alleviate their financial condition, this plan was opposed by June but later considered as it was the dream of their parents to break free from poverty.

Ultimately, Inda was the only one who could work abroad as Tatang was not accepted and has continued in working in their fields. Inda, on the other hand, had work in Saipan as a housekeeper in a hotel. Their mother’s departure was a hard one for their family as a mother’s love is something that we all liked and cherish, this was not true for them. June is already in college and had taken it up in Manila, at this time June’s sibling and their father had it rough as not just their mother was away but also him, with these, household chores were a bit hard and their father had to work more.

Inda’s return to their family is a much-delighted event in their life, much more as the opposite as she will depart for work again. Inda and Tatang’s sacrifices did alleviate them from poverty with the four siblings who graduated from college and have wonderful jobs.

Read the full story here.

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