Thu. Sep 24th, 2020
Reymon O. Martinez

Always Think A Hundred Times Before Investing Your Hard-Earned Money

A concerned netizen is reminding every OFWs to think not twice, but a hundred times before investing hard-earned money.

As we always say, being an Overseas Filipino worker is not an easy job. There are a lot of sacrifices that come along with this occupation and not all people understand this or sympathize with Filipinos working abroad.

Reymon O. Martinez, posted on Ka OFW Inc. (Kaagapay Ako ng Bawat OFW) Facebook group, warning everyone again, especially, OFWs on easily investing their hard-earned money.

According to Martinez, he already posted a video about this online scheme. However, another OFWs has been a victim again. In the hopes of doubling or tripling his saved-money, this OFW invested a certain investment scheme. However, instead of doubling or tripling his money, it disappears into thin air. What’s more disheartening is the money he invested is supposedly intended for his house. Now, all of that money was lost.

Reymon O. Martinez

Scammers are wise

Most scammers know what you want. They know the sacrifices you have to do for your families. They know your desires to be with your family. They know that if possible, you wanted to earn a lot of money as quickly as possible and not go back to work abroad. The reasons why you are their most beloved target. They just know the perfect words to convince you. So BE AWARE and think a hundred times before deciding to invest all of your hard-earned money to an investment you just heard from a friend or saw online.

Learn to ask questions and investigate. Not all registered to Securities and Exchange Commission SEC are considered legal. Some are indeed SEC-registered, however, they might not have a license to do an investment.

Reymon O. Martinez

Source: Facebook

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