Tue. Dec 11th, 2018
Airport Staff Caught

Airport Staff Caught Putting His Hands Inside Passengers Baggage at the Tarmac

Here is a man who is tasked in taking care of the transfer of passengers’ baggage. Instead of focusing on doing his job well, from which he earns a living, he is seen busy doing something else. Obviously, he was caught getting some stuff inside one of those bags. As you can see in the screenshots below taken from the viral video, you will notice the guy opening a black luggage and being able to get a pouch which he immediately put inside his pocket.

Airport Staff Caught

As fast as a lightning he did it as if nothing unusual happened. It’s like a normal thing or a hobby for him. He does it so smoothly and carefully.

Airport Staff Caught

One might ask, “Is he not aware somebody is seeing what he does?” Some would even think probably it’s not the first time he did such a horrible act with how he perfectly made it.

Airport Staff Caught

So, how would a traveler be able to avoid this kind of situation?

For those who travel, let this instance educate you to be mindful with your valuables. As much as possible, put a padlock on your bags as part of your protection on your belongings. An incident like this can be avoided. Also, do not ever put your cash and smartphones inside the baggage. Keep it with your hand carry bags instead. Always be attentive to your stuff by keeping your eyes on it even while they are being checked as you pass by. If possible, bring only what is important. Refrain from bringing too many items with you. Remember, the more items you carry, the more you have to think of as you need to secure all of them. Unless you have the peace that all your belongings are secure, you won’t be able to enjoy your travel. Do not let that happen. Thus, always keep in mind to secure your belongings so you will have peace wherever you go.

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